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Leg Warmers by rodfern2011
Leg Warmers
Color pencil and marker drawing on 12" x 16" beige Canson pastel paper.
The Bald Slut on the Motorcycle by rodfern2011
The Bald Slut on the Motorcycle
Color pencil and marker drawing on 12" x 16" beige Canson pastel paper. Although drawing the girl reclining on the motorcycle and the motorcycle engine was tricky, I did manage to get it done in one day. To date, this was my most challenging drawing that I have done so far. I have to say that drawing an motorcycle engine is very hard and I am certain that I got a lot the parts wrong, despite the fact that I drew it from a photograph (which was not very clear and at times I had to use a magnifying glass just to see the obscure parts, nuts and bolts). In may cases, I ended up improvising some elements by using various geometric forms to represent various engine parts that were hard to see. I might need to have my eyes checked out soon. Nevertheless, I am happy with the results.
Bald and Sexy by rodfern2011
Bald and Sexy
Color pencil and marker drawing on 12" x 16" yellow Canson pastel paper. For this particular piece, I had originally intended to draw her with hair. But as I was drawing out her form, particularly her head, I realized right away that I might make more of an impact if I drew her bald. As I started to flesh her out and apply the colors, I became excited about what I was creating and took great pains to get the composition and the form just right.
Hands Up by rodfern2011
Hands Up
Color pencil drawing on 12" x 16" yellow Canson pastel paper.
Jean Jacket by rodfern2011
Jean Jacket
Color pencil drawing on 12" x 16" yellow Canson pastel paper. A bit delayed due to a heavy work load at the office the last couple of weeks. Heavier than usual I would say. No wonder I am so exhausted. That and its friggin January outside. Can't wait for mid March when the days start to feel longer than it does now. Anyway, something to warm us up through those cold January nights and look forward to once winter is over.
I don't write a lot. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't feel I have anything interesting to say or write. If I were a writer, you could say I have writer's block. That's not to say that nothing happens in my life. Obviously things do happen. It's just a little hard to come up with the right words to describe what transpires in my life.

I work, as I always do. I eat and sleep as everybody does. Maybe I don't eat as well or as healthy as I should, despite the fact that my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. And maybe I could get some more sleep so I won't be so worn out, and as a consequence, be more lucid and clear headed. Despite all that, I have been productive in my life.

Since my last blog, I have bought myself a digitizer tablet and started dabling in digital art. So far, results are mixed, hence only a few pictures have made it to my Deviantart gallery. But, when I am not distracted by work or by lazyness (which in my case manifests itself by me watching an inordinate amount of Youtube videos; what can I say, its very addictive), I do manage to find time to practice. I do find that without the benefit of an instructor's help, my progress is very slow. But what can I do. Digital art classes are not cheap, so in the meantime, I just make do with what I can do. In addition to practicing with the digitizer tablet, I still carry on doing pencil drawings. I would have had a lot more drawings posted, if not for those annoying distractions.

Anyway, I starting to run out of things to write here. So I will end this entry for now and bid you all good day.


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Fern Rodriguez
Well I am not an artist by trade, but an enthusiastic amateur. I did study art (well art history to be precise) in university, but then went on to study architectural technology and have been employed in that field since. Through out that time, I have been drawing pretty pictures (some not so pretty) to keep my skills sharp.

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