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Hollering by rodfern2011
Watercolor and color pencil drawing on 12" x 16" watercolor paper.
Circus by rodfern2011
Watercolor, marker and color pencil drawing on 12" x 15" watercolor paper.
Violet by rodfern2011
Watercolor, Copic marker and color pencil on 11" x 15" watercolor paper. I am having a blast with watercolor.
Ahh ha by rodfern2011
Ahh ha
Watercolor, marker and color pencil drawing on 11" x 15" watercolor paper. An exercise on facial expression, with particular emphasis on the movement of the eyes and eyebrows, and the detailing of the open mouth, particularly the teeth - always a difficult thing for me to draw. Overall, I am happy with this effort. Hopefully, I can improve on this in my next offering. As for this piece, the inspiration came from a photo found here: FACES by ZuzuTurkova
Red Hair and White by rodfern2011
Red Hair and White
Mixed media (color pencil, watercolor and marker) drawing on 12" x 16" water color paper. A piece I did very quickly and very simple. An expression of minimalism expressed in bright red, orange and other earth tone colors, which draws attention towards the subject, unlike my previous work.
I don't write a lot. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't feel I have anything interesting to say or write. If I were a writer, you could say I have writer's block. That's not to say that nothing happens in my life. Obviously things do happen. It's just a little hard to come up with the right words to describe what transpires in my life.

I work, as I always do. I eat and sleep as everybody does. Maybe I don't eat as well or as healthy as I should, despite the fact that my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. And maybe I could get some more sleep so I won't be so worn out, and as a consequence, be more lucid and clear headed. Despite all that, I have been productive in my life.

Since my last blog, I have bought myself a digitizer tablet and started dabling in digital art. So far, results are mixed, hence only a few pictures have made it to my Deviantart gallery. But, when I am not distracted by work or by lazyness (which in my case manifests itself by me watching an inordinate amount of Youtube videos; what can I say, its very addictive), I do manage to find time to practice. I do find that without the benefit of an instructor's help, my progress is very slow. But what can I do. Digital art classes are not cheap, so in the meantime, I just make do with what I can do. In addition to practicing with the digitizer tablet, I still carry on doing pencil drawings. I would have had a lot more drawings posted, if not for those annoying distractions.

Anyway, I starting to run out of things to write here. So I will end this entry for now and bid you all good day.



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Thank you so much for the WATCH! I appreciate it and I´m pleased :) (Smile) :happybounce: 
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My next work:
MARSHALL BABE by ZuzuTurkova RED IS THE QUEEN by ZuzuTurkova 
btw..sorry for spaming your wall...but I wanted to say thanks! :)
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Thank you very much for faving my work! i appreciate it so much :)
FACES by ZuzuTurkova
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If you are interested, there are more pics :)
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